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Monday, August 30, 2010

My Favorite Vampire.....Marius

retrieved from: http://www.sodahead.com/entertainment/whose-your-favorite-anne-rice-character/question-747177/?page=2&link=ibaf&imgurl=http://www.buddytv.com/battleimages/usr3528847/3528847_932d7a89-be64-4a36-95fb-e58693546799-marius.jpg&q=marius%2Bvampire%2Bchronciles

     Now this particular picture doesn't truly depict the Marius in Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles, however because of the movie Queen of the Damned this is how many envision Marius. In her novels Anne Rice actually depicts Marius with long blond hair, bright blue eyes, and very tall. He was originally given the dark kiss because of he looked like a Celtic god, instead of a traditional Roman. 
     My first encounter with Marius was when I was eight years old and I read The Vampire Lestat (my mom took me to see Interview with the Vampire in the movie theaters, and after the movie, when she told me there was a whole series of books about the movie I had to read them). When Marius told his tale to Lestat I instantly fell in love with the character. The details he used, and the story of his turning filled me with pity for him. His wisdom from his long life made me want to learn more about his story, and about his wife Pandora also. 
      When his short story ended I was still craving more, and it wasn't until I was seventeen years old that I finally got my chance. In 2000 Anne Rice finally came out with a novel all about Marius called Blood and Gold, and shortly after she came out with Pandora. Through these two books I came to know Marius very well. Anne Rice's development of this character was truly amazing, and she made me feel like I truly knew this character, his feelings and thoughts. The story itself sucked me in, and I didn't put down either book until I was completely finished. Since reading these stories for the first time I have read them over and over again, and to this date have a copy of each in ebook form on my phone. 
     I don't want to explain in too much detail, since I do not want to spoil his story for other readers. I will say though, that I highly recommend reading his story, even if you never pick up another Anne Rice novel. The best part of Marius' story is that it can be read separately from her other stories, but to truly enjoy his tale I would recommend reading the rest of her chronicles as well, since he is prominent in many of her works. 

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